• Excellent . . . their advice is sound . . . liberal parents, in particular, should read it

    Edward Luce, Financial Times
  • An important if disturbing book . . . Lukianoff and Haidt tell a plausible story

    Niall Ferguson, The Times
  • A compelling and timely argument against attitudes and practises that, however well-intended, are damaging our universities, harming our children and leaving an entire generation intellectually and emotionally ill-prepared for an ever-more fraught and complex world. A brave and necessary work.

    Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
  • No one is omniscient or infallible, so a willingness to evaluate new ideas is vital to understanding our world. Yet universities, which ought to be forums for open debate, are developing a reputation for dogmatism and intolerance. Haidt and Lukianoff, distinguished advocates of freedom of expression, offer a deep analysis of what's going wrong on campus, and how we can hold universities to their highest ideals.

    Steven Pinker
  • Our behavior in society is not immune to the power of rational scientific analysis. Through that lens, prepare yourself for a candid look at the softening of America, and what we can do about it.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • We can talk ourselves into believing that some kinds of speech will shatter us, or we can talk ourselves out of that belief. The authors know the science. We are not as fragile as our self-appointed protectors suppose. Read this deeply informed book to become a more resilient soul in a more resilient democracy.

    Philip E. Tetlock
  • Their message is an urgent one... it is one that resonates well beyond dusty libraries and manicured quadrangles, into all of our lives

    Josh Glancy, The Sunday Times
  • The book models the virtues and practical wisdom its authors rightly propose as the keys to progress. Lukianoff and Haidt teach young people -and all of us- by example as well as precept

    Cornel West

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