• Jamie gives all your favourites a veggie makeover in his brilliant new book

    Mail on Sunday
  • By now he needs no introduction . . . With 11 chapters there's something for everyone. The curries and stews are impressive - and cheap! - while, this being Jamie Oliver, there's a hefty pasta section, with a proper pukka sweet leek carbonara . . . There's an impressive range of dishes, inspired from all over the globe, that don't skimp on flavour

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  • Dishes are vibrant and full of flavour and this book is all about making them affordable and easy

  • Cooking for all the family has been transformed by the master of healthy home cooking. There's something here for everyone

    Woman & Home
  • Jamie makes vegetarian cooking easy, fun and accessible with more than 100 recipes that can be whipped up after a long day at work. There are bags of flavour in every one, with ideas from around the globe - and they're all family-friendly

    Good Food
  • Aims to encourage readers to discover the huge bounty of glorious veg, fruit, herbs, spices and pulses on offer

  • Well thought-out and easy to follow

  • This book ticks all the boxes . . . Veg is a landmark cookbook for Jamie, which has seen him travel halfway around the world, watching, listening and learning from some of the best veggie cooks on the planet

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