• <b>This is a bold and probing novel, from a writer strikingly alert to something small and true</b>

  • <b>Bhutto's heady narrative flits through time and space with a sense of urgency</b>, tracing three disparate young lives, each drawn into the realms of radicalisation, amid the dust of the Iraqi desert

  • <b>A shocking, moving and deeply compassionate novel</b>

  • <b>Highly topical . . . <i>The Runaways</i> offers an unflinching look at the key subjects of our time and the riveting story of three memorable characters</b>

    Financial Times
  • <b>An incisive and empathetic study of adolescent alienation and the social conditions that drive radicalisation</b>

    Tank Magazine
  • <b>An unflinching look at generational ambition and betrayal </b>

  • <b>A timely read that does a brilliant job of depicting the human cost when violence shifts from abstraction to reality</b>

    Mail on Sunday Event Magazine
  • <p>PRAISE FOR <i>THE SHADOW OF THE CRESCENT MOON:</i><br>'It's clear that there is <b>an ambitious literary mind</b> at work...Bhutto's talent is evident, exciting</p>

    The New York Times Book Review
  • Bhutto is a <b>gifted and compelling writer</b>, <b>economically and poetically</b> summoning up this beautiful mountainous backwater

    Mail on Sunday
  • <b>Incredibly ambitious, extremely powerful and moving</b>

    BBC Radio 4