• Present discontents lend urgency to Lang's core message ... Security matters, and that includes food security. Lang has performed a public service.

    Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times
  • Forceful, illuminating, an ambitious manifesto ... The advent of coronavirus has added timeliness to Lang's warning about the fragility of our food supply.

    Martin Bentham, Evening Standard
  • When Lang says that "although not officially at war, the UK is, de facto, facing a wartime scale of food challenge", it's worth paying attention. We are in serious trouble ... It's a simple message, but in the white heat of a crisis, defined by queues outside supermarkets, a useful one.

    Tim Lang, The Observer
  • Lang practically invented food ethics in this country ... Feeding Britain tells us how we could build a better food system, and shows that it is possible.

    Sophie Morris, The Independent