• Witty, incisive, devastating: an unforgettable analysis of why the light of liberalism failed in Eastern Europe, and why resentment towards imitation of the West has fueled the furies of the populist revolt

    Michael Ignatieff, President of Central European University, Budapest
  • This is a book about imitation by a couple of utterly inimitable authors. It is the most original explanation I've read of the self-destruction of the liberal West as universal utopia. Its analysis is rooted in an unparalleled understanding of the resentment fuelled revolt (and revolting resentment) of political elites who sought to ape the West, and ended up loathing it for that very reason. Scathing yet fair

    Peter Pomerantsev, author of Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible
  • A bracing analysis of post-Cold War politics, upending cherished assumptions and forcing us to look afresh at the complex dialectic of liberalism and illiberalism

    George Soros
  • This is a book about copying that makes an original argument. In doing so, it reminds us that liberal democracy depends not on mechanical processes but on human originality

    Timothy Snyder
  • Stephen Holmes is a brilliant polemicist and a sparkling writer

    Alan Wolfe
  • Krastev is one of the great European minds of today

    Timothy Snyder