• A brilliant, original book on the crisis of modern liberalism ... a must read to understand our present discontents

    Lionel Barber, Financial Times Books of the Year
  • A brilliant explanation of the mess we are in now ... written with wonderfully dry wit

    Evening Standard Books of the Year
  • If you read one book to understand the state of the world today, make it this one. Aphoristic, counter-intuitive and amusing, a single page provides more insight into populism than libraries of books on Brexit or Trump. . . Extraordinary and compelling. . . Its subject matter is bleak but the deep learning, humour and humanity of its authors shines through

    Mark Leonard, Prospect
  • An important book that fizzes with ideas. . . There is a smart insight or elegant paradox on almost every page. . . This book poses in stark terms the dilemma for those who took for granted the ideas that created the postwar western world

    The Sunday Times
  • Justly acclaimed

    Gideon Rachman, Financial Times Books of the Year
  • Sharp, polemical and ideas-packed

  • Compelling and witty

    Prospect Books of the Year
  • An unflinchingly honest explanation of what has gone wrong in the west - and the east - since 1989

    Financial Times
  • Witty, incisive, devastating: an unforgettable analysis of why the light of liberalism failed in Eastern Europe, and why resentment towards imitation of the West has fueled the furies of the populist revolt

    Michael Ignatieff, President of Central European University, Budapest
  • This is a book about imitation by a couple of utterly inimitable authors. It is the most original explanation I've read of the self-destruction of the liberal West as universal utopia. Its analysis is rooted in an unparalleled understanding of the resentment fuelled revolt (and revolting resentment) of political elites who sought to ape the West, and ended up loathing it for that very reason. Scathing yet fair

    Peter Pomerantsev, author of Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

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