Frostheart 3

Frostheart 3

Rise of The World Eater


The bestselling Frostheart trilogy concludes with this epic story of bravery, loyalty and friendship.

Ash faces his greatest challenge yet as the EVIL Wraith leader Shaard unleashes the DREADED Devourer from its centuries-long imprisonment.

Only by uniting can the peoples of the Snow Sea hope to stand against the monster's wrath, but as the Devourer targets the stronghold of Aurora, the tribes remain as divided as ever.

In a last desperate move, Ash and the crew of the Frostheart journey to the yeti lands, where humans are forbidden, in search of the truth about the Devourer's origins, and the one weakness that may prove its undoing…

Discover what readers are saying about Frostheart:

'A feast for the eyes and the imagination!' Laura Ellen Anderson, bestselling author of Amelia Fang

'A rip-roaring action adventure, full of humour, heart and unforgettable characters, all enhanced by Littler's wonderfully detailed black and white line drawings . . . expect big things.' The Bookseller


  • Praise for Frostheart: Wild, funny, lavishly illustrated and filled with excitement

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Jamie Littler

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