Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn

Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn


More adventures with the Ruggles family from One End Street.

Kate loves the country so much that kind Mr and Mrs Wildgoose invite her to spend the whole of the summer holidays with them at The Dew Drop Inn, so she says good-bye to her mother and father and her six brothers and sisters, and sets off by train with a shiny black mackintosh and some brand-new gum-boots. The Wildgooses are just as kind as she remembered them, and there is a big excitement for her when The Dew Drop Inn is to take part in the concert and flower show. Kate is kept busy learning how to make cakes and jam, discovering where all sorts of wild flowers grow, and writing an essay. But the most difficult thing of all is deciding which of her poems to recite at the concert.


  • It was as if, with the story of Kate Ruggles' summer-long stay at the eponymous hostelry and enthusiastic embrace of village life, Eve Garnett had peered into my mind and written down exactly what she knew would delight me most. That seemed to me magic of the highest order
    Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

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