The Extraordinary Life of Mary Seacole

The Extraordinary Life of Mary Seacole


Mary Seacole was:

A doctress

An activist

An inspiration

Mary Seacole is now known for her medical work in the Crimean war, and as a brilliant woman who combated the racial prejudice she experienced in her lifetime. But for a long time her story was lost.

From growing up in Kingston, Jamaica as the daughter of a doctress to helping soldiers in the war, discover the details of the amazing life that Mary Seacole led in this beautifully illustrated book with real-life stories, timelines and facts.

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About the authors

Naida Redgrave

Naida Redgrave is a TV writer and author.
She was most recently part of a Channel 4 commissioned writers' room for a drama series with Lonesome Pine. Her drama series, Wild Island, won the 2018 TriForce Writerslam competition, and is currently under option and in development. Her original pilot, Home, was a finalist in the 2015 C21 Drama Series Script competition and was optioned by Erica Motley (Taboo).

Naida is a Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton and a PhD candidate at the University of East London.
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Alleanna Harris (Illustrator)

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