The Sky is Falling!

The Sky is Falling!

The Unexpected Politics of Hollywood’s Superheroes and Zombies


'You'll never look at your favourite movies and TV shows the same way again. And you shouldn't' Steven Soderbergh
'Insanely readable' Slavoj Zizek
'Your book was ... like a bag of pot, with me saying, 'I'm not gonna smoke.' But I was insatiable' Quentin Tarantino on Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

In The Sky is Falling! bestselling cultural critic Peter Biskind takes us on a dizzying ride across two decades of pop culture to show how the TV and movies we love - from Game of Thrones and 24 to Homeland and Iron Man - have taught us to love political extremism. Welcome to a darkly pessimistic, apocalyptic world where winter has come, the dead are walking, and ultra violence, revenge and torture are all in a day's work. Welcome to the new normal.


  • A Sunday Times Book of the Year

About the author

Peter Biskind

Peter Biskind is a cultural critic and film historian. He was formerly editor-in-chief of American Film magazine and executive editor of Premiere magazine. His writing has appeared in scores of national publications, including The New York Times and Rolling Stone, as well as several film journals. He is currently a contributing editor at American Vanity Fair. He has published eight books, including the bestseller Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, and is Executive Director of the FilmColumbia Festival held in the Hudson Valley.
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