The Kitchen Science Cookbook

The Kitchen Science Cookbook


All you need to explore science is a kitchen, this book - and a dash of curiosity

The Kitchen Science Cookbook is a beautifully crafted book with a unique twist: each recipe is a science experiment that you can do at home, using the everyday ingredients you'll find in your kitchen.

No need to be a science expert -- these easy-to-follow recipes make mind-blowing science experiments fun for everyone. From sticky ice and raising raisins to balloon science and scrumptious slime, nanotechnologist and educator Michelle Dickinson shows that we can all be scientists, no matter how young or old.

With recipes tested by hundreds of enthusiastic families around the world, The Kitchen Science Cookbook is the perfect gift for all ages.


  • Full of hands-on scientific learning experiences, where little ones can play, experiment, create, discover, explore, test and ultimately have a lot of fun. . . Dr Michelle Dickinson has an inspiring ability to make science accessible to all and this beautiful book easily brings science into the home where all you need is a kitchen, a recipe and a dash of curiosity
    Natural Parent magazine

About the author

Michelle Dickinson

Dr Michelle Dickinson is a nanotechnologist on a mission to make science and engineering accessible for all. Born in the UK, she studied in the US and is now based in New Zealand. She is a founder of Nanogirl Labs, member of New Zealand Order of Merit, and winner of many prizes including the New Zealand Association of Scientists Science Communicators Award.
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