A Ladybird Book: Trees

A Ladybird Book: Trees


Trees are more than just a feature of our natural landscape - they are essential to life on earth. They provide shade, shelter and food for wildlife, they clean the air and their roots stabilize the earth.

Trees takes a closer look at some of these ancient plants, from the common oak to the dragon blood tree. In this book, you will discover how trees work, explore the affect of seasons on certain trees and examine a variety of amazing and unique trees from around the world.

You can build your own encyclopedia with A Ladybird Book: the collectable series for curious kids.

About the author

James Bywood (Illustrator)

James Bywood is an award-winning artist and illustrator, who focuses on unique, visual interpretations of the British countryside and landscapes, capturing emotion along with evoking a sense of place. He studied Fine Art at University in Bristol and went on to work in the commercial print industry, where he learnt the techniques that inform his work to this day.
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