• No freelance stone is left unturned with this book. I wish this book had existed when I started freelancing 20 years ago

    Paul Jarvis, author of Company of One
  • If you have talent and passion this is a very practical guide to turning that into a career, from someone who's not just done it but taught many others how to do it too

    Mike Southon, co-author of The Beermat Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur in Residence, Cass Business School
  • Finally! The book that millions of people have been crying out for. An empowering guide of how to use your work to achieve independence, inspiration and - crucially - balance. A compelling guide whether you're freelance, or just dreaming of it

    Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and VP, Twitter
  • Alison strikes an excellent and inspirational balance; sharing tips and advice that help you work out how to be secure in insecurity and ace the journey to becoming a freelancer

    Alex Mahon CEO, Channel 4
  • I would have found The Freelance Bible incredibly valuable when starting my freelance career. It's equally helpful for successful freelancers looking to drive their careers to the next level of success

    Marc Silk, voice Actor