• Wang's story is devastating... she is wise and eloquent, and heart-rendingly honest on the effects of the illness

  • Wang writes about how mental illness is framed both within the medical system and by society...The word ["schizophrenia"] is often misused and trivialised...Wang's narrative, without pulling punches, goes a long way to dispelling such views...many would benefit from this book and I highly recommend it, both for the author's clarity and, ultimately, her expression of hope

    The Lancet
  • Fragmented by design, the book's structure heightens the immediacy of its testimony

    New Yorker
  • Impressive ... we learn what schizophrenia feels like from the inside. Wang strikes a perfect balance between explanation and implication

    Brooklyn Rail
  • In Wang's kaleidoscopic essays, memoir has been shattered into sliding and overlapping pieces. . . . The images and insights Wang summons are . . . often dazzling, and well worth the reconstructive work. . . . Her multifaceted arguments can be gratifyingly mind-expanding.

    The New York Times Review of Books
  • [An] utterly unique book of essays: a deep, illuminating, and explosively written dive into a life of living with mental illness

    Entertainment Weekly
  • Wang . . . is an implicitly trustworthy guide to this netherworld of psychosis and chronic illness. . . . Her characteristic nuance more often carries the ring of wisdom, hard won

    Washington Post
  • The Collected Schizophrenias is riveting, honest, and courageously allows for complexities in the reality of what living with illness is like--and we are lucky to have it in the world

  • [The Collected Schizophrenias is] resoundingly intelligent, often unexpectedly funny, questioning, fearless and peerless, as Wang makes for brilliant company on 13 difficult walks through largely uncharted territory

    Los Angeles Times
  • Going beyond her personal story, Wang applies her experience as a former lab researcher at Stanford to add an analytical perspective to The Collected Schizophrenias, which gives readers an inside look into the often-misunderstood intricacies of mental health


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