A Ladybird Book: Animal Habitats

A Ladybird Book: Animal Habitats


The natural home of an animal is known as its habitat and animals have adapted to live and survive in different environments around the world - from the marshlands of England to the outback of Australia.

Animal Habitats takes readers from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the mountain tundra and beyond as they explore the many different environments around the world and the fascinating creatures that call these environments their home.

You can build your own encyclopedia with A Ladybird Book: the collectable series for curious kids.

About the author

Ayang Cempaka (Illustrator)

As well as illustrating storybooks, Ayang runs a small studio in Indonesia producing leather bags, hand-embroidered clutches, merchandise and stationery with her sister. At a much larger scale, her vibrant illustrations have appeared on Transjakarta buses traversing the Indonesian capital. After moving to Dubai, she took her illustration skills online attracting top clients around the world. Inspired by vintage children's books illustrators like Alain Grée, Mary Blair, Dahlov Ipcar and Alice and Martin Provensen, Ayang remains heavily influenced by the wildlife and creative culture of her native Indonesia.
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