A Ladybird Book: Electricity

A Ladybird Book: Electricity


Almost everything we do each day relies on electricity, but what is it and where does it come from?

Electricity explores how electric currents appear in nature, from static to lightning bolts, and how these natural marvels inspired scientists to conduct experiments and find ways to harness power. It looks at how we create electricity and the many ways it is used every day.

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About the authors

Elizabeth Jenner

Elizabeth Jenner grew up on the Wirral, and studied for a BA in English and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick. She now lives in London, where she teaches yoga and both writes and commissions fiction and non-fiction titles.
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Brave The Woods (Illustrator)

Brad and Krystal met in college and knew that someday they would start a creative studio together, creating the kind of work for clients and causes they were passionate about. Someday came, and Brave the Woods was born.

Brave the Woods is not simply a name, it's a call to action to be adventurous and curious. Brad has a passion for creating - he grew up doing things like drawing along with art shows on PBS, illustrating books, designing CB radio outposts in his backyard, painting portraits and more. When he "grew up" he earned a BFA in graphic design, but his love of painting and illustration never left him. Krystal has always loved all things creative. Though admittedly not artistically inclined, she channels her creativity in strategic and written outlets. And together, they make a great creative team!
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