This Might Hurt

This Might Hurt

The gripping thriller from the author of Richard & Judy bestseller The Recovery of Rose Gold


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The smart, sophisticated, standout new thriller from the author of The Recovery of Rose Gold

Welcome to Wisewood. Where we keep your secrets, if you keep ours.

High-flier Natalie Collins isn't the worrying type.
Unlike her younger sister Kit - who can't seem to settle on anything.
But when Kit insists on joining Wisewood, a self-help retreat on a secluded Maine island, Natalie has concerns.
Why does it forbid contact with the outside world? Is it a cult?

Then, after six months of silence, she receives a message:
We know what you did.
Would you like to come and tell your sister - or should we?

Who is digging into the Collins' past? How did they discover Natalie's secret?
She will have to go to Wisewood to find out. To learn if this place of healing has more sinister motives.
Can she rescue Kit? Or might Natalie be the one who needs saving?

Because Wisewood is far easier to get into than to leave . . .

This Might Hurt is a whipsmart thriller of sisters, secrets and sanctuary and what fear will do to those we love.

© Stephanie Wrobel 2022 (P) Penguin Audio 2022


  • This Might Hurt is a mesmerizing and original ride . . . Expertly paced, hugely unsettling, and perfectly dark, you'll be gripped in this clever exploration of fear and vulnerability right until the flawless ending

About the author

Stephanie Wrobel

Stephanie Wrobel is the author of The Recovery of Rose Gold, a Sunday Times and international bestseller that has sold in twenty-two countries. This Might Hurt is her second novel, an attempt to answer the questions: what sort of person joins a cult? And what sort of person leads one?
Wrobel lives in New York City.
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