Stuff Happens!

Stuff Happens!

Manage your clutter, clear your head & discover what's really important


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Do you sometimes feel that your stuff is taking over your life? Do you ever wonder how it all got into your house in the first place? Does the chaos in your space reflect the chaos in your head?

Having done it all - been an anxious clutter-bug herself, studied why we have stuff (headline: we're humans, it's normal) and set up a business to help people declutter - Emma Gleeson understands how you feel. Stuff Happens is her guide to sorting out your relationship with your stuff and finding the right way for you to declutter.

Having things is a part of life. Perfection is not an empty house and minimalism does not need to be your goal. Emma will show you how to figure out a system that works for you and your life (and is good for the planet).

Filled with fantastic insights from her own and her clients' lives, lots of sound advice and practical tips, Stuff Happens will give you the tools to manage your stuff while being kinder to yourself.

Compassionate, enlightening and liberating, Stuff Happens will completely transform how you view clutter.

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  • Genius ... Emma takes us on a glorious journey through our relationship with our stuff and why we have what we have, to learning how to identify what we actually need. It's stunning and really thought-provoking
    Laura de Barra, author of Gaff Goddess

About the author

Emma Gleeson

At the age of 23 Emma Gleeson moved from her hometown, Dublin, to study at the London College of Fashion. After ten years of analysing our relationship with our stuff, with stints as a costume designer, sustainable fashion lecturer and poet along the way, she is now a professional declutterer with her business Give Up Yer Auld Tings, helping her clients to reassess and manage their belongings.
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