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Ink Ribbon Red


The problem with telling tales is that you might get caught out by the twist: pre-order the most original literary thriller of 2024, from the author of the sensational Eight Detectives

A group of friends gather in a country house for a birthday party.

At their host’s request, they each write a short mystery. They draw names from a hat: in each story, one of the group is the killer, and another the victim.

Of course, when given such a task, it’s only natural to use what you know. Secrets. Grudges. Illicit love.

It’s just that once you put it in a story, the secret is out.

Oh, and just one more thing: this is a story that ends with a murder…

Praise for Alex Pavesi's sensational bestseller, Eight Detectives

‘One of the year's most entertaining crime novels’ Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month

‘So, so clever . . . Agatha Christie would take her hat off to this one - bravo!’ Sarah Pinborough

‘A wonderfully tricksy debut and a loving tribute to the golden age of crime fiction’ Mail on Sunday

‘A box of delights . . . Pavesi's revelations are completely unexpected, right up to the end’ New York Times


  • Praise for Alex Pavesi's sensational bestseller, Eight Detectives

About the author

Alex Pavesi

Alex Pavesi lives in Surrey, where he writes full time. He previously worked as a software engineer and before that obtained a PhD in Mathematics. He enjoys puzzles, long walks and recreational lock picking. His debut novel Eight Detectives was picked by the Sunday Times and the New York Times as one of their books of the year.
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