Peter 2.0

Peter 2.0

The Human Cyborg


The incredible and inspiring book behind the primetime Channel 4 documentary, Peter: The Human Cyborg

'Peter's story is one of the most extraordinary you will ever hear. Remarkable. I urge people to read it' Stephen Fry

'With candour and bravery, Peter tells how he explored new frontiers of science to give himself a chance of survival in a digital afterlife' Daily Mail

Peter didn't choose to live forever. He simply chose not to die.

Diagnosed with a rare but terminal Motor Neuron Disease, brilliant scientist Peter Scott-Morgan refused to accept that within a few short years he'd be dead.

Instead, he embarked on a dangerous journey - to cross the border between mortality and immortality.

He would meld his humanity with the latest computer and robotic technology to become Peter 2.0.

This is the astonishing story of a man uniquely placed to pursue a new way of life that would not only alter him but perhaps redefine what it means to be human forever.

'A remarkable story . . . you're left desperate to take nothing for granted' Radio Times

'What's striking is Peter's constant optimism, bravery and his ability to find radical answers to problems that have confounded Britain's brightest minds' Daily Telegraph

'Intriguing' The Times

'Fascinating and extremely moving' Sun

'A remarkable account of what it means to be human and what technology can really achieve' Sunday Telegraph


  • Compelling . . . Scott-Morgan is a true one-off. It is in the telling of the love story, rather than the technical details of becoming a cyborg, that this book succeeds
    The Times

About the author

Peter Scott-Morgan

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan is a robotics scientist who is the world expert on Unwritten Rules - civilisation's behavioural algorithms that influence much of our future.

He has been granted unparalleled confidential access across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America to decode the hidden system dynamics driving economies, institutions, governments and corporations, including many of the major players in banking chemicals, energy, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, media, retail, telecoms and transport.

Peter passionately believes the highest purpose of science is to help us all thrive, whatever we are, whatever our background, whatever our circumstances, whatever our ambitions.

He lives with his husband Francis in Torquay, England.
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