• Reader, I swooned! Beach Read is the hottest book of the summer - the pages simply sizzle! My heart ached for January, and Gus is to die for - a steamy, smart and perceptive love story. I was engrossed!

    Josie Silver, author of bestselling One Day in December
  • Full of banter, heat, and sexual tension, I felt the thrill of falling in love right alongside January and Gus. A gorgeous page-turner of a novel that provided the perfect escapist romp

    Laura Jane Williams, author of 'Our Stop'
  • Original, sparkling bright and layered with feeling. If whipcrack banter and foggy sexual tension is your catnip, you'll adore this book

    Sally Thorne, author of 'The Hating Game'
  • A touching and heartfelt book about learning how to love again. I closed this book with a satisfied sigh

    Jasmine Guillory, author of 'The Proposal'
  • Beach Read is exactly the witty, charming and swoony novel we always want; it also happens to be the unexpected wallop of emotional wisdom and sly social commentary we need right now. I adored it

    Julia Whelan, author of 'My Oxford Year'
  • A smart, witty, warm, sexy novel ... Perfect escapism. I loved this book from the first page and can't wait to read more from Emily Henry

    Emma Murray, author of 'Time Out'
  • A great escapist beach read but so much more as well. Emily writes beautifully, almost poetically in places and I will certainly look out for her work in the future. 5 stars!

    Julie Houston, author of 'A Village Affair'
  • A clever and witty novel that will make your nerve-endings sigh with happiness

    Debbie Viggiano, author of 'Willow's Wedding Vows'
  • I would say this book is so much more than "just a beach read" but to do so would completely miss the point! As January reminds the reader and the perfectly-painted Gus alike, romantic comedies take skill, heart and guts to traverse the depths of what it means to fall in love - and Emily Henry makes sure this book has it all

    Elizabeth Neep, author of 'The Spare Bedroom'
  • Beach Read has everything the title promises - a romping plot, family secrets, and the thrill of falling in love. I cannot wait to read what Henry writes next

    Amy E. Reichert, author of 'The Optimist’s Guide to Letting Go'

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