An Adventurer's Guide to Ancient Egypt

An Adventurer's Guide to Ancient Egypt


Set out on a time-travelling expedition to Ancient Egypt!

Fetch your backpack and join adventurer Mia on a spectacular journey down the Nile, meeting the very first pharaoh, visiting the Great Pyramid and unearthing some animal mummies!

Along the route, you can find out about:

- the Nile river
- how to write in hieroglyphs
- the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt
- mummies, pyramids and the afterlife
- family life and school
- the Battle of Kadesh
- staying healthy
- the last pharaohs

With astonishing facts and interactive activities, this captivating book will excite and inspire the adventurers of the future.

About the authors

Isabel Thomas

Isabel Thomas has written more than 150 books about science for young readers and has been shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, the Association of Science Education Book of the Year, the English 4-11 Picture Book Awards and the Blue Peter Book Awards.
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Yas Imamura (Illustrator)

Yas Imamura is an illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. Much of her work draws inspiration from the books she enjoyed as a child, her art evolving into an amalgamation of both the timeless and modern. Yas's preferred materials are gouache and watercolour.
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