A Nation of Women

A Nation of Women

An Early Feminist Speaks Out


In 1915, Puerto Rican activist Luisa Capetillo was arrested for wearing men's trousers in public. This act of rebellion was the result of a lifelong devotion to socialist and feminist thought. And this zeal runs throughout her brilliant essays: in the challenges to big business, in her strident campaigning for the legalization of divorce, in the championing of 'free love'. At once a sharp critique and a celebration of world politics, A Nation of Women embraces humanism and envisions a world in which economic and social structures can be broken down, allowing both the worker and the woman to be free.

About the author

Luisa Capetillo

Luisa Capetillo (1879-1922) is one of Puerto Rico's most famous feminist and socialist activists. She was a labour organizer and in her writing campaigned for the equal rights of women, for free love, and for human emancipation.
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