Mennyms Alive

Mennyms Alive


Final chapter in the MENNYMS saga about a life-size family of rag-dolls which has captured the imagination and hearts of readers all over the world. The Mennyms have always lived in danger, ever since their maker, Kate Henshaw, has instilled in them an indomitable life force, a life force that has carried them through many perils. But now with shocking suddeness, that life force has abandoned them all except for Soobie - the sole survivor. As the blue Mennym he's always been a bit special and it's amazing he's come this far when others have perished. . . . . but are his problems just beginning?

Includes extra content detailing the story behind how the Mennyms came to be. Previously unpublished and exclusive to the ebook editions, the author hopes her readers, new and old, will enjoy discovering the back story to this mysterious family of life-sized rag dolls.


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Sylvia Waugh

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