The Glass Tower: Three Doors To The Otherworld

The Glass Tower: Three Doors To The Otherworld


The Conjuror's Game should never have been started. Now Luke must replace the Tree on the central square before the Knights and Ravens rampage in their eternal battle through the snowbound villages of Halcombe Great Wood. Can a man's soul be trapped in a candle? Cursed from infancy Meurig treasures the candle as his dearest possession. But what happens if it is stolen by his enemy, a water goddess of immense power? The Candle Man is a tale soaked in mist and marshland. Jennie and Jamie find a magical book that offers to lead them to Fintan's Tower. But who are the three strangers that pursue them? How can they know whom to trust, when the glass tower contains unimaginable terrors, and the only time they have left is a wink of the sun's eye?


  • Inventive and well written, it will hold eight to twelve-year-olds spellbound
    Sunday Telegraph

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Catherine Fisher

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