My Friend's A Werewolf

My Friend's A Werewolf


Now I know for certain Simon is a werewolf!

Kelly always thought werewolves only existed in stories and late-night films. Until Simon moves in next door. Kelly and Simon become instant friends, but Kelly just can't help noticing that there's something very odd about her new friend. For one thing, he wears black gloves all the time - even at school. And could that be hair starting to sprout on his face? Last, but definitely not least, there's the howling at night . . .

Aren't werewolves . . . dangerous?


  • Has the tension, the fear of the unknown plus a gradual build-up to a climax typical of the genre, yet that climax is not only griping but both unexpected and convincing . . . A really compelling tale

About the author

Pete Johnson

PETE JOHNSON began work as a film critic for Radio One, then became a teacher. His experiences in the classroom inspired him to write his first book for children, and he still keeps contact with a panel of young readers to gain their viewpoint as he writes. He is the author of over forty books, including the bestselling How To Train Your Parents. Pete’s books have won various awards, including the Young Telegraph Award and the Brilliant Book Award, and have been translated into twenty-three languages. He lives in St Albans.
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