Three unforgettable characters whose lives collide in a tangle of ambition, fantasies and dark appetites.

Jill Fleming rose from a nightmare childhood to become a beautiful predator who enticed men and women, always leaving behind a wake of aching desire, and always looking ahead...

Leslie Chamberlain thought only success at the nation's hottest ad agency could satisfy her, until one man's velvet caresses became an addiction that would forever change her glittering dream...

Jordan Lazarus had a razor-sharp mind, a vast business empire, and gallery of willing seductresses. But a long-buried obsession threatened to blaze white-hot again...

From the cutthroat corporate towers of Chicago, Detroit and New York, to Long Island's luxurious gold coast, where scandal smoulders restlessly beneath the polished veneer of wealth, these three will come together...reckless players in a high-stakes game, risking the ultimate betrayal, and abandoning the rules for the fruits of forbidden passion.

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Elizabeth Gage

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