The Men And The Girls

The Men And The Girls

a gripping novel about love, friendship and discontent from one of Britain’s best loved authors, Joanna Trollope


Multi-million copy bestselling author Joanna Trollope's insight into human relationships is both unparalleled and fascinating - and in The Men and the Girls she presents an excellent array of characters who interact in a complex and intriguing dance. Fans of Elizabeth Noble, Erica James and Amanda Prowse will not be disappointed...

'One of the finest chroniclers of the way we live now' -- Independent on Sunday
'The queen of the domestic dilemma...observant and emphatic' -- The Sunday Times
'A rare pleasure to find characters so likeable that one cares what becomes of them' -- Evening Standard
'A delight. Trollope is never less than graceful and searchingly observant' -- Independent
'A great read' -- ***** Reader review
'Easy to get lost in' -- ***** Reader review
'Vastly entertaining' -- ***** Reader review
'Cosy, subtle - a really lovely read!!' -- ***** Reader review
'A page turner' -- ***** Reader review
'Loved it from start to finish' -- ***** Reader review


Julia Hunter and Kate Bain have found true happiness with men old enough to be their fathers. Julia organises her husband Hugh and their cherubic twins with ruthless efficiency and Kate has lived with James, for eight years, and although she refuses to marry him, she's apparently devoted to him. Hugh and James, lifelong friends, feel blessed indeed.

But age differences cannot be ignored forever and when James accidentally knocks a fiercely independent spinster from her bicycle a chain of events is set off in which many suppressed discontents and frustrations emerge. Kate begins to seek out friends of her own age and Julia's career begins to blossom just as her husband's starts to decline ...

The tranquil lives of the men and the girls seem shattered as new relationships develop and old anxieties surface.


  • One of the finest chroniclers of the way we live now
    Independent on Sunday

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