Saddle Club 53: Horse Sitters

Saddle Club 53: Horse Sitters


Lisa Atwood is dying for a pair of chaps, Stevie Lake has her eye on a new bridle. And Carole Hanson wants the latest video on jumping techniques. Too bad The Saddle Club is broke!

Then Stevie gets a brilliant idea. They’ll earn money by taking care of other people’s horses. How hard could that be? Not hard at all, they soon realize, if they don’t count a few minor mishaps… like losing a horse!

About the author

Bonnie Bryant

Bonnie Bryant is the author of over a hundred books about horses, including The Saddle Club series, Saddle Club Super Editions, and the Pony Tails series. She has also written novels and movie novelizations under her married name, B. B. Hiller.

Bonnie began writing The Saddle Club in 1986. Although she had done some riding before that, she intensified her studies then and found herself learning right along with her characters Stevie, Carole and Lisa. She claims that they are all much better riders than she is. Bonnie was born and raised in New York City, where she continues to live today.
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