Toll The Hounds

Toll The Hounds

Epic fantasy from this master storyteller (The Malazan Book of the Fallen 8)


'Fantasy cliches are dodged or given new twists; the narrative teems with clever invention . . . the writing is excellent' SFX

In Darujhistan, the saying goes that Love and Death shall arrive together, dancing...

It is summer and the heat is oppressive, yet the discomfiture of the small rotund man in the faded red waistcoat is not entirely due to the sun. Dire portents plague his nights and haunt the city's streets like fiends of shadow. Assassins skulk in alleyways but it seems the hunters have become the hunted. Strangers have arrived, and while the bards sing their tragic tales, somewhere in the distance can be heard the baying of hounds. All is palpably not well.

And in Black Coral too something is afoot. Memories of ancient crimes surface, clamouring for revenge and Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, has come to right an ancient and terrible wrong. And so it would seem that Love and Death are indeed about to make their entrance...

This is epic fantasy at its most imaginative, storytelling at its most exciting.

What readers are saying:

***** 'Epic action and breathless tension'
***** 'Dark and compelling . . . it was really hard to put down'
***** 'Innovative, unexpected . . . filled with laugh out loud humour, but also terribly poignant'

About the author

Steven Erikson

Archaeologist and anthropologist, Steven Erikson is the bestselling author of the genre-defining The Malazan Book of the Fallen, a multi-volume epic fantasy that's been hailed ‘a masterwork of the imagination’ and one of the top ten fantasy series of all time. The first novel in the series, Gardens of the Moon, was short-listed for the World Fantasy Award. He has also written several novellas set in the same world. Forge of Darkness is the first Kharkanas novel and takes readers back to the origins of the Malazan world. Fall of Light continues this epic tale. A lifelong science fiction reader, he has also written fiction affectionately parodying a long-running SF television series and Rejoice, a novel of first contact. The God is Not Willing is the opening chapter in a new sequence – The Tales of Witness – and is set in the world of the Malazan Empire, ten years after the events recounted in The Crippled God.
Steven Erikson lives in Victoria, Canada. To find out more, visit – and he's also on Facebook: Steven Erikson–Author.
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