Company Of Spears

Company Of Spears

(The Matthew Hervey Adventures: 8): A gripping and heart-stopping military adventure from bestselling author Allan Mallinson that will keep you on the edge of your seat


THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Allan Mallinson brings us another adrenalin-fuelled, absorbing adventure featuring Matthew Hervey. If you like Patrick O'Brian, Bernard Cornwell and CS Forester, you will love this!

"Captain Matthew Hervey is as splendid a hero as ever sprang from an author's pen" -- THE TIMES

"A damn fine, rip-roaring read" -- LITERARY REVIEW
"The heir to Patrick O'Brian and C. S. Forester" -- OBSERVER
"Outstanding storytelling!" -- ***** Reader review
"Fab read" -- ***** Reader review

1827: Matthew Hervey is on the look-out for a new posting.

He soon finds one in the Cape Colonies, where there is need of a man to re-organise the local forces, and in particular to form a new company of horse.

Accompanied by a captain from the disbanded Royal African Corps, Hervey heads out into the great South African plains and towards the territory of the Zulu and their legendary leader, King Shaka. But it is not till he nears the Umtata River that his fiercest battle really begins.

For the Zulus fight like no army he has encountered before. As Hervey and his troops are plunged into battle, death is only a heartbeat away...

Company of Spears is the eighth book in Allan Mallinson's Matthew Hervey series. His adventures continue in Man of War. Have you read his previous adventures A Close Run Thing, The Nizam's Daughters, A Regimental Affair, A Call to Arms, The Sabre's Edge, Rumours of War and An Act of Courage?


  • Now at last a highly literate, deeply read cavalry officer shows one the nature of horse-borne warfare.
    Patrick O'Brian

About the author

Allan Mallinson

A professional solder for thirty-five years, Allan Mallinson began writing while still serving.
His first book was a history of four regiments of British light dragoons, one of which he commanded. His debut novel was the bestselling A Close Run Thing, the first in an acclaimed series chronicling the life of a fictitious cavalry officer before and after Waterloo (The Tigress of Mysore is the fourteenth in the series). His The Making of the British Army was shortlisted for a number of prizes, while 1914: Fight the Good Fight won the British Army’s ‘Book of the Year’ Award. Its sequel, Too Important for the Generals, is a provocative look at leadership during the Great War, while Fight to the Finish is a comprehensive history of the First World War, month by month.
Allan Mallinson reviews for the Spectator and the TLS and also writes for The Times. He lives on Salisbury Plain.
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