Perfect Manners

Perfect Manners

Mutual Respect for Horses and Humans


Kelly Marks, who gets spectacular results in her exhibitions with the most fiery and recalcitrant of horses, says the secret is to talk to horses in their own language, establishing a relationship of trust and respect, using considerate and consistent techniques. You will find it helpful to formulate your own 'code of conduct' for your horse and while you're at it, for yourself as well, making consideration a way of life. Perfect Manners starts with the philosophy and concepts behind Kelly Marks' techniques and moves on to foundation exercises and groundwork training. There are also sections on Join Up and Body Language, Training Halters, Biting, Spooking and Shying and the 'Lovely Head Rub'. A must-read for horse owners everywhere.


  • I could not recommend a better teacher of my methods anywhere in the world than Kelly Marks.
    Monty Roberts

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