Don't Send A CV

Don't Send A CV


Don't Send A CV is all about getting the perfect job by flagrantly disregarding the conventional job-seeking methods and, instead, going for the prize position by being dynamic, daring and displaying all the winning attributes of the person everyone needs in their company.

Bestselling author Jeffrey J Fox teaches you how to act like a business supremo with excellent insider advice, from how to give the best impression over a lunch interview - 'You are not there to eat!' - to how to sell yourself as an 'impact player' in a brief but selling letter - '...get your hands dirty, pick up a shovel and start shoveling to demonstrate your ability to impact that company'.

The winning strategies of Don't Send A CV include:

-CV's don't sell, so learn how to market yourself
-Don't ask for directions, tell them how you'll do it
-Make a big splash, not lots of ripples
-Don't talk in an interview - answer, ask, listen and sell

With clear steps from how to find and research your ideal company, calculate your worth, preplan an interview and learn the 'jobseekers' glossary', this is an uplifting book that can help readers get back in the game with a head start.

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