How To Become A Marketing Superstar

How To Become A Marketing Superstar

Essential Rules of Business Success


The idea of marketing is simple. The doing of marketing is hard. It is the marketer's job to generate revenue, to ring the cash register. Recent studies show that at least 90% of ads are not read or are unintelligible. Money is squandered because of weak messages, cluttered images and poor creative strategy. In addition, selling is one of the least efficient and effective parts of the marketing mix - 95% of all salespeople never ask for the order. If you want to find out how to get and keep customers and make that cash register ring, How to Become a Marketing Superstar is the book for you.


  • Times are changing, business is changing and marketing is changing. How to Become a Marketing Superstar is insightful and though provoking, yet practical and conmmercial. Jeffrey introduces the concept of dollarizing your product. If you can't generate a dollarized return on this book, then you either don't deserve to be called a marketeer or you haven't got a job
    Jeremy Dale, VP Marketing, Orange

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