100 Things I Hate About Pregnancy

100 Things I Hate About Pregnancy


Though a very special time for every woman, pregnancy can be pretty stressful, and unless you've been there it's hard to appreciate what a woman is going through.

In this hilarious book Kate Konopicky lists 100 things that she hated when she was pregnant, from baby on board badges ('Not funny. Just twee.'), to jokes about cravings ('No I don't want a piece of coal for my lunch and I haven't eaten the potting compost') , dropping food on your stomach, the fact that HE'S not pregnant, having to decorate the nursery, maternity bras and horrible baby stationery.


  • 'If you need a giggle and/or reassurance you're not the only pregnant woman with strong feelings on weak bladders, maternity knickers and interfering strangers, you need 100 Things I Hate About Pregnancy. Great for a quick pick-me-up!'
    Pregnancy and Birth

About the author

Kate Konopicky

Kate Konopicky is a regular contributor to Junior magazine on child-related issues and she lives with her family in South Ealing, London.
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