The Book Of Life

The Book Of Life


From childhood through to adulthood ­- if not necessarily maturity - The Book of Life offers the literary journal of a lifetime, in the company of the most fascinating and talented figures in history.

From Alan Bennett's wartime childhood in Yorkshire to Mahatma Gandhi's experiment with cigarettes; Katherine Hepburn on her first acting job aged 21 and Primo Levi on being captured by Fascist militia at the same age; Darwin on his lifelong love - his work - and Nelson Mandela on his release from prison aged 71 ... life and living in all its manifold glories is represented.

With insights that encompass generations and continents, this is a uniquely enjoyable immersion in some of the world's best, and most personal, writing.


  • In The Book of Life ... the reader is very aware of the marvellous, pulsing veined and passionate, unique-to-every-individual life force ... you dip into the pages and find treasure upon treasure ... we can enjoy an abundance of heart-felt outpourings ... fascinating ... like the vast spectrum of human experience collected in this book, it excites us and affords us a little shock of recognition
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Eve Claxton

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