Anything I Can Do... You Can Do Better

Anything I Can Do... You Can Do Better

How to unlock your creative dreams and change your life


Tessa Souter shows how she succeeded against the odds, how others have done it and how you can do it too.

Part inspirational memoir, part secrets-divulging interviews with celebrities and others who have successfully pursued their dreams, this book will show how Tessa Souter took herself from teenage mother to successful sub-editor at a leading glossy magazine, to international journalist, and on to become a singer, performing in top jazz clubs, frequently to standing-room-only audiences in London, Los Angeles and New York. It will also explain exactly how other successful actors, film makers, photographers, painters, producers, writers, dancers and musicians achieved their goals.

Anything I Can Do, You Can Do Better provides step-by-step strategies and advice, tackling such thorny problems as money and how to survive, negotiating intimate relationships, dealing with jealousy and competitiveness, taking care of the children, as well as practical suggestions and tips.


  • Tessa has talent, brains and beauty. But she hasn't had it easy - her determination, guts and advice will inspire anyone.
    Sarah Litvinoff, author of Starting Over

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Tessa Souter

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