New Toddler Taming

New Toddler Taming

A parents’ guide to the first four years


Light-hearted, humorous and authoritative, New Toddler Taming is a must for family sanity! By the internationally renowned bestselling author and paediatrician Dr Christopher Green, and full of clear, accessible advice, case studies and useful tips and ideas, this book will make parenting seem a whole lot easier...and enjoyable!

'Dr Green is nothing short of a genius...' -- Independent
'I would highly recommend Toddler Taming, which gives a lot of insight into why children behave and react as they do.' -- The Times
'This book helps bring back a bit of perspective' - Daily Express
'If you're a first-time parent, or already have a cub or two and need a bit of guidance and information into the mindset of a little one, then this book is a must.' -- ***** Reader review
'God Bless Dr. Christopher Green' -- ***** Reader review
'This book is amazing' -- ***** Reader review
'A godsend' -- ***** Reader review
Many parents wonder how the sweet, chubby baby which gurgles happily at them for the first twelve months changes so suddenly into a bellowing, tantrum prone, heel drumming, carpet biting toddler. What's gone wrong? Whose fault is it? What can be done about it?

Renowned paediatrician Dr Christopher Green's classic, internationally bestselling parenting guide Toddler Taming has been revised and updated to answer these questions and others like them in a way that parents of the twenty-first century will instantly grasp.

He quickly calms fear of 'abnormal' bad behaviour, points out the inevitable strains of bringing up children and offers invaluable practical advice on all fronts from sleep problems and tantrums, eating habits to potty training, sibling rivalry to discipline, and managing screen-time to surviving as a single parent.

All done in a down-to-earth, practical and yet humorous way, this book is a must-have for anyone raising children.


  • Dr Green is nothing short of a genius...Toddlerdom is a minefield, but his common sense and unfailing good humour guided my family through unscathed - well, relatively

About the author

Christopher Green

Dr Christopher Green is one of Britain's best-known parenting authors. For more than 25 years he has helped parents with his advice on babies, toddlers and young children. His humorous, common sense approach has preserved the sanity of many mums and dads. A paediatrician and honorary consultant to the Children's Hospital, Sydney, Dr Green's legendary sleep technique is now used worldwide. His bestselling books include New Toddler Taming and Beyond Toddlerdom.
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