Enchanted Love

Enchanted Love


'Marianne Williamson reveals, with elegant simplicity, that love is not a mere sentiment of emotion, but the ultimate truth at the heart of creation' Deepak Chopra For millians of Westerners, the quest for material gain has led to increasing frustration and unhappiness. Now, says spiritual philosopher Marianne Williamson, our hunger for worldly gain has been transformed, for many of us, into hunger for spiritual renewal. What we deeply long for most is the experience of paradise. In this inspiring new work, Williamson explores different aspects of the power of that vision - the possibility of the highest love made manifest on Earth - in a series of reflective essays accompanied by prayers and meditations. Topics include the power of faith, innocence, being seen, forgiveness, blamelessness, healing, surrender, serenity, beauty and unity. For people seeking to enhance their lives, Williamson's insights lay the groundwork for spiritual evolution and fulfillment. Her practical advice will guide readers towards a place where passion, creativity and freedom - most important, the freedom to express and infinite love - are recognised not only as the soul's most potent desire, but also as the ultimate destiny of the human race.

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