Earth Medicine

Earth Medicine

Explore Your Individuality Through the Native American Medicine Wheel


Native Americans had a close affinity with the earth and an understanding of the natural forces which shaped their environment.

They recognised that not only were our physical bodies composed of the elements of the earth but our core personalities also were influenced by seasonal characteristics and by the tides of time governed by the Sun and the Moon.

The time of birth was no chance happening of fate, but an indication of personality traits and inherent potentials we were each born with to meet the challenges of life.

The key to exploring your individuality is a Birth Totem - an animal representation which indicates the characteristics and attributes which combined together comprise your 'medicine' - your inner power and resources.

Learn how to:
- Identify your own Birth Totem
- Connect yourself to your true potential
- Discover your life purpose and learn how to fulfil it
- Explore all aspects of your life including health and relationships.

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Kenneth Meadows

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