Pagan Paths

Pagan Paths

A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices


Revised 20th anniversary edition.

Embrace your magickal awakening with this essential guide to modern paganism.

From Wicca to Druidry, Shamanism to Heathenry, Paganism is bound together by a collection of spiritual paths that are rooted in the ancient religions of our world. In this enlightening guide, pioneer of the modern Pagan movement Pete Jennings introduces the core concepts of each unique strand of Paganism, explaining their foundations, beliefs and practices to help you in your own personal spiritual journey.

Exploring magick, sacred sites, celebrations and organisations and the pivotal role of nature and the divine, this is your guide to finding the path that feels good and true to you.


  • an essential reference work...a simply written, highly accessible guide to the pagan way

About the author

Peter Jennings

Pete Jennings is the former President of the Pagan Federation, the umbrella organisation for all Pagan paths in Britain. He is well respected as an authority in this field, and gives lectures throughout the UK. He is an author, lecturer, historian, broadcaster and Pagan activist.
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