Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese Wisdom on Arranging a Harmonious Living Environment


This practical guide is an introduction to an ancient and potent Chinese art, which aims to minimise problems and maximise good fortune in the home and business environment. Feng shui - literally 'wind' and 'water' - evolved into a refined art from the simple observation that people are affected for good or ill by their surroundings: the layout and orientation of workplaces and homes. The Chinese have long observed that some surroundings are better or luckier than others. Every hill, building, hall, window and corner and the ways in which they face wind and water have an effect. So if you change your surroundings, you can change your life. The goal of feng shui is complete harmony, with the natural order which, when achieved, will bring prosperity, health and happiness.


  • Sarah Rossbach is...probably the American most responsible for introducing feng shui to the West

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