The Art Of Timing

The Art Of Timing

The Application of Lunar Cycles in Daily Life



The success of any plan depends not only on the availability of the necessary skills and resources, but also very decisively, on the timing. In former times people gathered knowledge of axioms such as this by direct observation. They discovered that numerous natural phenomena are directly related to the movements of the moon

Johanna Paungger is one of ten children of a Tyrolean mountain farmer. She belongs to the select few in whose environment this wisdom was kept alive for centuries handed down from one generation to the next.

For the first time this knowledge is now made generally available.

This book has an abundance of tips and advice to do with all the important areas of our daily life, from health, the home and nutrition to farming, forestry and gardening. In Germany it has been a massive best-seller for several years.

Patience is the only thing necessary to profit from this book. Working with the lunar cycles and natural harmonies can change your life.

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