The Stainbuster's Bible

The Stainbuster's Bible

How to Remove All Kinds of Stains From All Kinds of Surfaces


The most advanced, user-friendly book ever written on the subject, The Stainbuster's Bible is a complete guide to removing even the most stubborn stains from all kinds of surfaces. Based on years of first-hand experience, Don Aslett describes and analyses every type of stain, then outlines the best plan of attack. All the most dreaded stains are dealt with - red wine on crpets, chewing gum on clothing, blackcurrant juice on tablecloths - but The Stainbuster's Bible goes beyond emergency tactics to provide information on:

* what not to do - the mistakes that turn tiny spots into big stains
* ingenious home remedies - myth, magic or mess
* recognising the surface and choosing the right treatment
* the tools and chemicals, terms and techniques of stainbusting
* when to turn to the professionals for help
* when to give up - stain hiding and salvaging strategies
* preventing stains in the first place

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Don Aslett

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