Looking Beyond

Looking Beyond

How To Use Your Psychic Talent To Get What You Want


Do you know who you really are? Or just how powerful you can be? You may not believe it yet, but there's a lot more to you than meets the eye. In this book, world-famous psychic James Van Praagh will show you how to connect with your special 'supernatural' talents and step into the full power of your personality. You will discover:

-Your own psychic abilities and ways to develop your sixth sense
-The real deal about soul mates (and why you have more than one!)
-The truth about spirit guides - what they are and how they can help you
-How to use dreams to increase your creativity
-Why you have the parents you do
-The lessons you were born to learn here on Earth, and much more.

In Looking Beyond, you'll set out on the journey towards the real you - the person you were born to be. Once you have learned how to use your psychic powers well, there will be no stopping you!

'(Van Praagh) has changed people's lives' Newsweek

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