What Makes My Blood Glucose Levels Go Up...And Down?

What Makes My Blood Glucose Levels Go Up...And Down?

And 101 other frequently asked questions about your blood glucose levels


This accessible, informative book answers the most frequently asked questions about blood glucose levels. The authors address a wide range of concerns, correct common misconceptions and set out to educate how best to monitor and control blood glucose levels to maintain optimum health.

Among the questions they address are:
- What is a normal blood glucose level?
- What is the glycaemic index?
- What can I do to bring my blood glucose levels down?
- Which carbohydrates will raise my blood glucose the least?
- There are times when I crave something sweet. What should I have?

Also included is a handy A-Z table of glycaemic index values for hundreds of foods and beverages. This is an indispensable guide for everyone seeking clear, scientifically-based information about the links between food, exercise, weight and blood glucose levels.

About the author

Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell, David Mendosa

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