Tabloid Love

Tabloid Love


You're about to turn thirty, all your friends are getting engaged and pregnant - and your body-clock is ticking. Then you get an offer to move to New York. So you take a chance and break up with your boyfriend - only to land yourself in the singles capital of the world.

When Bridget Harrison arrived in Manhattan to work for America's most famous tabloid, the New York Post, she was in at the deep end from day one. Dispatched by day to cover murders and muggings in the roughest corners of New York, by night she began to write a column about her search for love in a dating shark tank. So far so Sex and the City - until she realised the one man she was falling for also happened to be her boss (and unfortunately this wasn't fiction).

Being sent out to cover your first breaking news story
Having the chance to go on a new blind date every week
Realizing you love your editor

Finding no-one you interview can understand your accent
Going on a new blind date every week
Realizing you love your editor


  • A real-life Bridget Jones's Diary meets Sex and the insider's look at what life is really like in the big city. Harrison doesn't shy away from the funny - but sometimes sad - truths
    Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City

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