Distant Star

Distant Star


Alberto Ruiz-Tagle was once the quiet, unknowable, unpromising member of Chile’s young poetry scene.

But the military coup of 1973 sees Alberto reborn as Chile’s leading celebrity poet, Carlos Wieder. Known for his daring sky poems, penned in smoke high above the cities, Weider’s dazzling trajectory is a cause for astonishment and speculation amongst his old poetry friends. Where did this talent suddenly spring from? And, how is it connected to the disappearance of the beautiful Garmendia twins?

Told from across the years in exile in Europe, the narrator’s attempts to trace the fate of his old circle will lead him to one last confrontation with the brutality of their generation.


‘Roberto Bolaño's universe – huge, interconnected, polyphonic – is formed from the collision of a wicked sense of humour and a vast and white-hot moral fire... His oeuvre is among the great, blistering literary achievements of the twentieth century’ Lauren Groff

‘For stunning wit, brutal honesty, loving humanity and a heart that bleeds into the simplest of words, no other writer ever came close’ Marlon James

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Roberto Bolaño

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