The Flaw Of Love

The Flaw Of Love


Joel Miller's girlfriend has locked herself into the bathroom with a pregnancy test. Joel hasn't planned to be a father, he's not even sure he wants to be one, but as of a couple of hours ago it's a very real possibility. Lisa isn't the love of Miller's life - theirs is a relationship which happened by accident rather than by design - but Miller realises that he might now be bound to her forever. And so, while his future is decided for him behind a closed door, he tries to make sense of his past. Complicated memories come back, many of them buried for a good reason, of a turbulent childhood and his parents' dysfunctional marriage, of his complex father and difficult, unpredictable mother. But, most of all, he thinks about his failed relationship with the unforgettable, unconventional Blair, the woman he loved most of all ...


  • An amazing debut, by turns truly funny, sad and sexy. At once literary and unputdownable, The Flaw of Love demands attention and deserves to be read

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Lauren Grodstein

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