Lovesick Blues

Lovesick Blues

The Life of Hank Williams


Hank Williams is not just one of America's greatest songwriters but also one of the most enigmatic­ - a raw poet from the rolling pine woods of south Alabama whose anguished lyrics were celebrated from the clamorous roadhouses of the Deep South all the way to Carnegie Hall. His tragic early death at the age of only twenty-nine, drunk and drugged, alone in the back seat of a Cadillac convertible on his way to a gig, ended a career that lasted only six years but went on to influence many of the greatest musicians in recent history.

Paul Hemphill has written a fascinating interpretative biography of Hank Williams, with the kind of soul and understanding that other books about him have lacked. Whence the pain and despair? Why the booze and pills? Where did his genius come from? How did he know everything he wrote about? These are the questions it seeks to answer.


  • Hank Williams wrote the rock'n'roll rulebook. Moving...absorbing biography of 'the hillbilly Shakespeare'
    Daily Express

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